Tesla Chargers Lawnmower

How to charge your 24 volt lawnmower with a 12 volt 2A12 or S3A12 solar charger controller from Tesla Chargers. You could do this same switch method with a golf cart to charge it at 12 volts with our larger rejuvenators.

  • BlaBla

    This could be done much more safe using a relay doing the correct 24v disconnect / 12v parallell connects in one safe operation and with just one switch. The setup here with three such swiches which must be switched in a certain sequence, just “waits” for a mistake to be made when the wrong switch being switched at the wrong time. This will probably happen soon. Don’t forget making a new video showing how you blew up your lawn mover ;)

  • Eddie Kinlen

    I like the lawnmower idea! Can you provide a diagram?