Extreme Solar Charge Controllers – New Video

The 10 & 20 amp 12 volt Tesla Solar Tracker 5’s have been upgraded to the new EX version, which stands for EXTREME.

They’re 99.5%+ EFFICIENT and are more bulletproof than ever.

When the battery is pushed to the top, it will unlatch the SCRs (turn off a type of switch) for 6 seconds and the battery will settle down a bit and then turn back on.

These are also available at a 20% DISCOUNT, which will be expiring soon. The links are below the video so make sure to get your hands on the world’s best 10 & 20 amp solar charge controller for 12 volt batteries!



  • Enrique Ramirez

    Hi there, we are looking for a solution to monitor the charge of lead batteries in photovoltaic systems. Who could help us with this? Please see http://www.ennomotive.com/monitor-the-charge-status-of-lead-batteries-for-isolated-populations/

    • Hello Mr. Ramirez,

      I read the document on your website and we have a solution that will exceed what you are looking for. Please send an email to the email in the banner at the top of the page and I will respond with details.

      Thank you,

      • Enrique Ramirez

        Hi, just to confirm that you received my mail. I sent it to info@teslachargers, hope this is right. Many thanks

      • Enrique Ramirez

        Hi Aaron, did you receive my mail around this topic? You planning to send your solution? Thanks a lot to confirm!

        • Hi Enrique, Jeff said your email never came through. Please send to info at emediapress dot com

          • Enrique Ramirez

            Thank you, just resent to emediapress, hope you got it!

  • erwin

    I am able to get amorphous panels but rated at 46V open voltage (which is probably 30V loaded). is it possible to put 2 solar chargers in series which such panels? (and so charge 2 banks)

    • Erwin,

      The specs for the 24v models are 44v Voc and 37 Vmp. You need to find out the actual Vmp for those panels. You cannot connect multiple chargers in series. You either need to choose the 12v or 24v model and match panels to the specs provided for each charger on the website http:teslachargers.com/products