* NEW BEDINI CHARGER * 2.5A12-EX Extreme Charger


This new charger is the biggest little charger in the world. Tesla Charger’s flagship charger has been the 2A12 for years and it previously held that title.

This new charger is…

  • 2.5 amps instead of 2.0
  • Capacitor discharges twice as fast
  • Charges and rejuvenates batteries much faster
  • More efficient and robust using new proprietary circuits
  • Simpler to use with 1 single LED indicator light
  • Priced similar to the older model!!!

We have a * HUGE * DISCOUNT for this new 2.5A12-EX EXTREME model right now, but first, watch this video!

Get yours now: 2.5A12-EX

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    hello, my charger is charging my battery to 15.8-15.9 volts, is this normal, should I turn it off at 15.3 or wait for the green light? it is at 15.8 with the red light still on and some bubbling is showing.

    • George Knowles

      Francisco Rodriguez Did you ever get a reply to your question??

  • Paul Anthony Rasmussen

    Apart from Car Batteries, what sort of batteries will this product recharge?