Solar Panels

45 Watt Solar Panel Kit We recommend this kit from Harbor Freight to be used with the S3A12 as it is perfectly sized for this charge controller. You simply use the S3A12 as the charge controller instead of the one provided in the kit for superior charging and longevity. You can still look up the … Continue reading Solar Panels

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TECHNICAL QUESTIONS? Please review the free material first to educate yourself on our products before contacting customer service. 1. Read the F.A.Q. 2. Watch the FREE Videos 3. Read the FREE Solar Secrets book by Peter Lindemann – even if you are not interested in solar,  you can read the battery chapters towards the back. … Continue reading Contact Us

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Tesla Chargers was launched in 2006 by A & P Electronic Media, a digital book publishing company founded by Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann. Both Aaron & Peter’s long time personal and professional relationship with John Bedini led to quite a few different projects over the years. This included the renewable energy section on Energetic … Continue reading About Us


PUBLIC NOTICE On November 5th, 2016, both John and Gary Bedini passed away and EnergenX, Inc. came to an end at that point. John was the inventor of the chargers and solar charge controllers available through Tesla Chargers and Gary handled the business side of the company. WARRANTY: The battery chargers/rejuvenators and solar charge controllers … Continue reading Homepage