• Hi Aaron, I have started working for a cleaning company. They use battery powered floor Scrubbers that are powered by 6 x Trojan T-105’s – 225aH. The machine has charger connected to it, made by Pro Charging Systems USA…model number 3625OBU. The charger says 36v/25 amp. Last year the cleaning company spent $70,000 on batteries!!! I only run the scrubber machine for 70 minutes each day and then put it on charge. I doubt whether the batteries ever get down in volts before being charged. Apparently some of the batteries bubble really hard at other places. My particular set seem okay. Anyway…which one of your chargers would suit this size system for charge and rejuvenation? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d5cee9383a451b0c25d0a2a7fbe1e0d34eb7031551246f1789e20363a94b035d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0058108a53f6e217a170bda83e997b3971b8bfecce65483a23c9a447640999c3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/460a7b85ff5d73c64f2c78b1e9b44786d2d442596976eeebe76bfea3089ab0cd.jpg

  • Hi Dennis, those are great batteries and can last many years in that application if charged correctly. We don’t have a 36 volt charger in our regular product line but can custom make one if there are enough orders for them. We have the 12 volt 25 amp industrial charger/rejuvenator. http://teslachargers.com/products/battery-chargers-rejuvenators/25-amp-12-volt-lead-acid-battery-charger-rejuvenator-120-or-240-volts/ but it would be an inconvenience to use unless you were able to put it on 12 volts of batteries at a time and do that three times, which isn’t practical. The other option is to create a switch that disconnects 12 volt sets in series and then parallels them for 12 volts. That can be done but it is a question of whether or not a company like that would be willing to do that in order to save 10’s of thousands of batteries on an ongoing basis.

    The chargers would of course pay for themselves easily. If you are interested in proposing a huge money saving option to them with our chargers to your company, we can provide a quote. Please email us at the email in the banner at the top of our website and I will inquire into 36 volt options.

    If you can provide the quantity of cleaners that $70k of batteries were purchased for, that would help.

  • Thanks Aaron! I doubt whther they would want to or able to change the way their batteries are charged unles it was a simple thing. I shall keep following this up with them though. Thanks again. Blessings.

  • Mark O Nicholas

    can you design a solar/wind controller charger for a 48 volt 4 series 10 parallel lifepo battery bank. it will be used on a sail or motor boat with a second bank with its’ own twinned system. so as one is used to drive the motor then the switch is thrown to disconnect the 1st and use the 2nd bank. i will be using USA made batteries with the above specification . i am open to suggestion here.