On November 5th, 2016, both John and Gary Bedini passed away and EnergenX, Inc. came to an end at that point. John was the inventor of the chargers and solar charge controllers available through Tesla Chargers and Gary handled the business side of the company.

WARRANTY: The battery chargers/rejuvenators and solar charge controllers that Tesla Chargers offered came with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, but this warranty ended with the closure of EnergenX.

If you have a warranty issue that may be related to the fan, fuses/breakers, switches, LEDs or other items that are NOT related to the primary circuit module, which is encased in a white potting compound, we may be able to supply you with those items. To find out if we may be able to help you, even though the warranty has ended with the closure of EnergenX, please send us details to the email in the banner at the top of the page and we will do our best to assist you.

NEW PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: We are doing what we can to ensure that John Bedini’s technologies remain available to the public. The first technology that is finally back into production is the Bedini RPX 3.1MHz Sideband Generator available at http://sidebandgenerator.com

There are a couple more products scheduled for development, manufacturing and then distribution back to the public, but we do NOT have a timeline of when this will happen. We are unable to respond to emails or phone calls asking when the chargers or solar charge controllers will be available again. If you are on the Tesla Chargers mailing list, you will be the first to hear about any updates regarding making these products available again.

If you are not on this notification list, scroll down to join it.

Until then, thank you for supporting John Bedini’s work and we will do our best to make sure that the legacy of his work will remain available for the benefit of the people.

WARNING: There is an unscrupulous individual that has been bootlegging John Bedini’s battery chargers for several years now. These are inferior attempts at replicating John’s good work and in fact are based on stolen technology before John kicked this person out of his company.

We at Tesla Chargers have received many emails over the years complaining to us that they are not getting any customer service and then they find out that we are not associated with that company.

If you were victimized by that, you can submit a complaint on this website that was sent to us recently and posted on our forum – Rick Friedrich

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Tesla Chargers Solar Charge Controllers for LiFePO4 Batteries
Tesla Chargers Solar Charge Controllers


Welcome to TESLA CHARGERS, the home of the most efficient, effective and advanced battery chargers in the world.

I know this does not sound “too modest”, but I think you will agree if you take the time to explore our product line and test this equipment for yourself. Just read some of the ASTOUNDING RESULTS that other people like you are getting by reading our Testimonials page!

In our rapidly expanding digital world, portable devices are popping up everywhere. From cell phones, to MP3 players, to laptop computers, to power tools, to LED lighting, to electric cars, every one of these things runs on batteries. More than ever before, our carbon footprint and our over-all pollution footprint depends on how efficiently we can charge those batteries and how long we can keep them in service and out of the landfill.

This rapid proliferation of devices has also had an unexpected side-effect. In most cases, each and every battery in all of these devices is different, and needs a different battery charger to charge it up. By now, most of us have between 5 and 10 different battery chargers all over the house. Many of these batteries are also expensive to replace, and only seem to last a year or two. This unfortunate situation has a variety of hidden costs built into it, and begs for a simple solution.

Now, that SOLUTION has arrived. The Universal 1AU charger from TESLA CHARGERS will charge ALL of these different types of batteries AND keep them in service for many years to come. And that is just one example in our astonishing line-up of Products. From 1.5 Volt AAA batteries all the way up to the full-sized Electric Car, TESLA CHARGERS has a solution for your battery charging needs.

If you want to learn the electro-chemistry involved in exactly how our Tesla Chargers charge and rejuvenate batteries, the Battery Secrets lecture is highly recommended. You will understand exactly why our chargers are above and beyond every other commercially available battery charging technology in the world.

Our Inspiration

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

In 1888, Nikola Tesla ushered in the Electrical Age with the invention of the 60 cycle AC power grid. It was Tesla’s far-reaching genius that fore-shadowed today’s Digital Revolution. Our company name, TESLA CHARGERS, is a tribute to this brilliant problem solver of an earlier age. Nikola Tesla was the first to explore the benefits of Pulsed DC Currents, and their unique applications to lighting and power production.

Mr. John Bedini, the inventor of the Tesla Chargers has mastered many of Tesla’s methods and demonstrated this for decades. The first battery charger/rejuvenator offered by Tesla Chargers was using Tesla’s exact “Method of Conversion“, which is described in the very important paper, “On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena” by Nikola Tesla.

What that means is that an electromagnetic coil (inductor) is charged up to make a magnetic field. The power is turned off and the magnetic field collapses very fast and this produces a very high voltage spike with almost no current. This spike can be used to directly charge a battery contrary to what the popular belief is. This allowed the batteries to be charged with negative energy but they were not fully compatible with conventional chargers anymore.

However, the next generation of chargers cultivated these spikes into a capacitor, an extension to Tesla’s Method of Conversion, which was then discharged into a battery so that the battery was charged with positive energy and this allowed them to still be charged with conventional chargers if desired.

So you can see, Tesla Chargers isn’t just using Tesla’s name. We are one of the only companies in the world who actually do offer technologies that come from Nikola Tesla!

TESLA CHARGERS is proud to bring this technology into the 21st Century to provide the most advanced battery charging and rejuvenation solutions available today.

Bedini SG

Bedini SG
Bedini SG

If you want to learn more about John Bedini’s work in this field, get this FREE download, which explains about his famous Bedini SG, which is the genesis of all off Tesla Chargers’ battery chargers and rejuvenators.

Mission Statement

Our digital revolution depends on battery power, and our environment depends on good stewardship and responsible energy use. We at TESLA CHARGERS promise to bring these two purposes together to provide you, our customer, the most efficient battery charging solutions on Earth.

If a better technology comes along, we’ll offer it here!

All of our chargers are built to order and hand crafted by John Bedini and his team in Hayden, Idaho.
in the USA


  • Mohammad Yaseen

    Hello Everyone:

    Does the Bedini motor really work?

    Let me share my experience with you.

    Before about three months, I bought an ” 156 Bedini small window motor” Prototype From Rick Friedrick, one of the most famous Bedini student and ex-coworker as we all know.

    I thought the motor would really produce power more than what it take to run but surely it did not. Although the primary battery was fully charged in the beginning of every experiment, it was always almost totally discharged before the charging battery was fully charged(although both of the primary and charging batteries was identical).

    I talked to Rick Friedrick by phone and told him about what happened with me. He told me to do some steps and I did exactly what he told me to do. but the output still less than the input.

    I am sorry to say that. But I should say it. If Rick is one of the most famous Bedini student and ex-coworker as we all know and his prototype did not work how can I believe anyone one again about the free energy existence?

    If you really can produce such device, why do not you produce some small and cheap prototype and buy it on amazon or eBay so everyone can see the free energy device work?It will even be greet benefit for you, if you will not do that how can any one believe you?

    Thank you all.
    Mohammad Yaseen.

    • Hello Mohammad,

      Yes, they really work, but it is an energizer and not a motor since it isn’t intended to do mechanical work – the wheel is simply a rotating switch.

      I see you mention the window motor – that is different from the Bedini SG that I’m talking about – so yes, that is a motor..very efficient and is not supposed to be some free energy motor. You will get less energy out than in.

      Rick Friedrick has been kicked out of John’s company quite a while back for a lot of unethical behavior, etc… he is still making cheap imitation chargers based on John’s circuits and none of them work right – and all without John Bedini’s permission.

      Also, he never did anything right. In his Bedini machines, he put neo magnets and they’re supposed to have ceramics because the neos oversaturate the cores… so many things he did wrong they’re hard to count.

      If Rick was claiming the window motor is some free energy overunity machine, then he was deceiving you, unfortunately and I’m sorry you had that experience with him.

      I would suggest looking at the material Peter Lindemann and myself have made available in regards to John Bedini’s circuits – namely the Bedini SG manuals at http://bedinisg.com

      I hope that helps.

      • Mohammad Yaseen

        Hello Murakami
        1- Thank you so much for your response.
        2- I have bought the manual that you referred to me above but it will take more money and time if every one will build his own prototype. I suggest you to build some prototype (as Rick Does) and buy it on your web or on amazon …. If you do it, it will be very cheaper because you will do a lot but if everyone will build his own it will be more expensive and many mistakes may be done. I am sure it will even be greet benefit for you and I will buy it.
        Do you have some prototype for sale?If so please tell me because I am really interested.
        3- You say it does works. Do you mean If we begin the experience with the primary battery fully charged and the charging battery ( almost fully discharged), then the charging battery will fully charge before the primary battery will almost fully discharged?

        • Hi Mohammad, at least with the manuals, you get the full working theory, specs, etc… for the Bedini SG technology, which is the genesis of the chargers here at Tesla Chargers. We did offer just the bicycle wheel kits for a short time here: http://teslachargers.com/products/bedini-sg/bedini-sg-kits/ but they are unavailable right now. If we can find a manufacturer who can create an affordable high quality kit, we will offer it on that page.

          Yes, the Bedini SG does as claimed. However, you will not have the back battery fully charged before the front battery is discharged. There have been some circumstances outlined in the books where constant charge and discharge cycles did show a gain in the output battery beyond what was expected, but that is with tests going 24 hours a day 5 days a week minimum.

          With the Bedini SG, a very good build can wind up with 85-95% in the back battery. Let’s say 90% recovery. However, if the SG is running in attraction mode, if the wheel is being measured for mechanical work, it will actually show a 30% electrical equivelant in mechanical work. 90% recovery and 30% mechanical is a demonstration of total work done at a COP of 1.20 and at a 90%+ efficiency. Under 100% efficient, but over 1.0 COP.

          Therefore, no physical laws are broken – it is a demonstration of a non-heat pump electromagnetic non-equilibrium thermodynamic system.

          The environmental input source potential in some quantum physicists eyes may be the “virtual photon flux of the quantum mechanical vacuum” as Bearden would say, but I recognize the validity of the aether and use that terminology as Michelson-Morley NEVER invalidated the aether and the real history shows that Dayton Miller’s findings are rock solid with multiple validations. I recommend you study this page as you are a physicist: http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm

          When the aetheric source potential is recognized for what it is and it is understood that it can be polarized from a symmetrical state with a dipole, then that source potential can come into the system and become disorganized through a variety of resistances, which of course is real work measurable in joule seconds per second.

  • tony

    Hello Aaron, please i will like to know what is the efficiency of the bedini window? can it be use to do any useful work?

  • Henryk Mongiało

    Plasma Spark Plug

  • Enrique Ramirez

    Hi, we are looking for a solution to monitor the battery charge status in photovoltaic systems. Could you please help us with this? http://www.ennomotive.com/monitor-the-charge-status-of-lead-batteries-for-isolated-populations/

  • vlads

    Mr. Murakami:
    I purchased from this site the introductory book on Bedini SG. I did it primarily out of curiosity. I may be a bit slow because I got confused by one of the diagrams in the book. Is it OK to ask a pointed question related to the working of a circuit depicted in the book? Thank you. I am not sure how busy you are so I decided to ask first….
    Vladimir Smogitel

    • Hi Vladimir, you can ask anything you like but the best place to post your questions is at http://energysciencforum.com because that is the official support forum for the Bedini SG.

      • vlads

        I’ll try my luck with you first since my question involves coloring code in the Complete Beginner’s Handbook.
        1. On p.19 you indicate with green arrows the direction of conventional current in the transistor control loop. Yes/No?
        2. On p.21 green color marks the direction of electron current in the main loop and the red color indicates direction of conventional current in the transistor control loop. Yes/No?
        3. If I got it right so far how come that in the main loop between diode and transistor both conventional and electron current move in the same direction? I mean, on page 21.

        Also, I would appreciate a comment on what is happening in the base of the transistor. Electrons enter the base from emitter… the conventional current in the control loop could be represented with electron current flowing in the opposite direction so electrons flow into the base from the control loop too…
        Where do those electrons go? The collector current should be lower than emitter current…
        I am sure I am missing something obvious. Please help.

        Lastly, on page 25 the book mentions “longitudinal wave of pure potential” discovered by Tesla. Is it a wave with conventional wave parameters like frequency, wavelength, and velocity or is it more like a pulse?

        Thank you for your time, Sir. I am just trying to understand what is going on and I truly enjoy the book, one diagram at a time.
        P.S. Page 44 specifically mentions tracing “electron current” in the power section of the real circuit, page 45 mentions current flow in the control section of the real. So I assumed that I got current directions correctly in the introductory circuit mentioned earlier.

  • Viktor

    good day. I have Good day. I have a questions about third book

  • Eldaddio13

    I’m going to purchase a 1AU Charger, but I have a few questions about its limitations. I mostly am going to use it to charge up my DeWalt 18 volt tool batteries and smaller rechargeable ones that I have ready to refurbish. I have heard that this 1 amp charger can refurbish larger 12 volt car batteries, but it will take some time. I have a 2002 Kia Sportage 4X4 with the original battery still in it. It is showing signs of weakness in the cold weather, but will still start the car. If I hook up the 1AU Charger to the battery every night for 12 hours or more, will the battery eventually become refurbished and stronger? If so, how long will it take, and how long should I leave it charging? Also, I have other deep cell RV batteries that I would like to refurbish, how long does this small charger take to repair dead batteries? Do you have any tips for better success when refurbishing batteries to bring back life to them?
    Thank you!

    • E,

      I have provided the chart below from our website http://teslachargers.com/products where you will see the recommended amp hour range for each charger. It is important to not go outside the ranges.

      It is not a matter of leaving a small charger on a large battery longer in order to charge. A charger that is too small for a battery does not have the power to move the ions in the electrolyte and will not provide satisfactory results, and could damage the charger. This type of damage would not be covered under warranty.

      Automotive batteries would require either the 2A12 or 10A12 charger.

      If you are interested to refurbish batteries it is highly recommended to carefully study the Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvination video series which explain battery chemistry and the process of battery rejuvination.

  • Jeremy

    I have purchased an 80 amp 24 volt solar charge controller from Tesla Chargers. I am wondering if it is possible to use this solar charge controller in tandem with a conventional solar charge controller to charge the same battery bank, but drawing power from a separate solar array? Will there still be any benefit from the Tesla Charger charge controller?

    • Jeremy,

      You can use the conventional charger on the same battery bank as long as you do use a separate solar panel array. As well as the proprietary charging technology of the Solar Tracker chargers, they charge the batteries to a topping voltage of 15.2v which exceeds the output of other chargers. You will still receive a benefit from the Solar Tracker charger.

  • Mathias Hamlet

    I will try to repost the pic. here instead from the CBA IV. My alias on Youtube is Banzay20.

    So after the first charge I disconnected the battery after about 4 hours, afraid of damaging the charger (that was prob. the mistake). And then I discharged it at a 3.5A rate and got like 16Ah out of it, and that was it for that battery, now it will not get over 12.9 Volts and have a resting voltage of 12.4 and Before any charging/discharging it had a resting voltage of 12.6. I tried to discharge it again and got like 3Ah out of it and then tried to charge it again. Total of 4 charge attempts and 2 discharges.
    After closer inspection One of the cells reads 0.4volts, and Another one is under 2volts so it looks shorted.

  • AAG

    Hola! Sabéis si existe algún manual sobre bedini charging traducido al spanish

  • GregK

    In lieu of purchasing a piece of hardware that is no longer in production, have you considered selling licenses of the design to interested parties for them to construct their own? or kits with the appropriate parts and PC board?

  • George Knowles

    These sound like a perfect battery charger, would not mind trying one of these out, where from and how much?

  • ian sinclair

    In Germany a new solar electric car is now being made and available in 2019.
    This car is unique . It has it’s own solar panels that will charge the car for up to 30 klms per day. – in good hot sun .
    My question is – can the Telsa charges help ?
    Here is the car and company .

    • The car batteries are probably lithium? If so, the Tesla Chargers were designed for lead acid primarily.

      • Joyce Segal

        The market for Li battery pack rejuvenation is limitless. I have a 2013 Leaf and if it’s battery could successfully be rejuvenated, it wold be a killer product, Just saying.