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Car Battery Killed at 2 Volts Comes Back Like New with 2A12-EX

This battery was killed by being drained to 2 volts. In 2 days, with nothing but water and electricity, it was brought back like new – AND, this battery was ALREADY 6.5 years old!

The miracle charger/rejuvenator that did this is the 2.5A12-EX available here: https://teslachargers.com/products/battery-chargers-rejuvenators/2-5-amp-12-volt-lead-acid-battery-charger-rejuvenator-120-240-volts/

Tesla Chargers Lawnmower

How to charge your 24 volt lawnmower with a 12 volt 2A12 or S3A12 solar charger controller from Tesla Chargers. You could do this same switch method with a golf cart to charge it at 12 volts with our larger rejuvenators.