2 Amp 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery Charger-Rejuvenator 120 or 240 Volts




2A12 Battery Charger
2 Amps, 12 Volts
4th Generation

Tesla Chargers 2A12
Tesla Chargers 2A12

Tesla Chargers Matching Batteries to the Chargers Rejuevantors
Tesla Chargers Matching Batteries to the Chargers Rejuvenators



Considered a “trickle charger” by most standards, the 2A12 is more like a “little GIANT” of a charger. This charger is designed as an automobile battery topper, with its remarkable ability to break through battery sulfation. The 2A12 delivers a slow, but remarkably powerful and revitalizing charge. Can easily restore a vehicles cranking power to start the engine.Simple, compact, and portable charging power for 12 Volt batteries. Universal power supply plugs into any AC system, world-wide, from 100 VAC up to 220 VAC. Can also charge all other small to medium 12 Volt battery systems.


Tesla Chargers 2A12 Start Battery Graphs
Tesla Chargers 2A12 Start Battery Graphs


  • Universal portable power supply accepts 110-240VAC input.
  • Easy-to-read LED status displays state of charge.
  • Lightweight and very portable.
  • See owner’s manual for more details.
  • Available in both 120v or 240v. The power supply will be wired properly for the voltage of your country unless you ask for something different.
  • Physical – 3.25″W x 2.75″H x 4.5″D (excluding external power supply) Approx. 2 lbs.
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  • Andreas Nicolids

    Hello what charger rejuvenator would you recommend for laptop
    Also any adapters needed

    • Hi Andreas, these chargers are not compatible with the lithium ion type batteries in laptops, phones, etc…

      • Andreas Nicolids

        Thank you my friend

  • Gustavo Roque

    Hello Friend.
    This charger can rejuvenate both batteries at 6V / 315A TROJAN series.
    Or should I buy another model?

    • You need our 10 amp unit at minimum and you need to put 2 in series for 12 volts.

      • Gustavo Roque

        Thank you my friend!

        • Gustavo Roque

          Could you tell me how long it takes me to rejuvenate these two batteries?

          • The time necessary to rejuvinate any battery is unique to each battery and depends on the condition of the battery and its history. I recommend that you carefully study the Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvination videos available at teslachargers.com and then you need to get hands on experience rejuvinating batteries.

            Battery rejuvination is not as simple as connecting one of our chargers and coming back in 24 hours to a new battery. You need to understand how a battery works and learn how to determine the condition of the battery you want to rejuvinate.

          • Gustavo Roque

            Thanks my friend!

          • Gustavo Roque

            Hello my friend. I already bought the two videos. But I’m Brazilian, I can not understand much of what is being said.

            You do not have anything in PDF to deliver?
            Because that way, I can translate into Portuguese.

            Anything I can send the number of my purchase.
            I’m waiting!

          • Gustavo Roque

            Hello Aron Murakami, good afternoon. I’ve done what guided me, I bought the two videos, battery secrets, and rejuvenation batteries, but I am Brazilian and I can not understand a lot of the talk.
            I intend to make a purchase, but there is a problem.
            Due to the REAL (my country’s currency) is very cheap against the dollar, the things that are bought abroad are very expensive.
            And end up being unfeasible some shopping, because when the product arrives in Brazil
            he is branded at customs, and I need to pay a fine of 60%
            of the purchase price, plus the delay that the product takes to get in my house.
            Is it possible we enter into an agreement, so I can get your product
            so that it is easier for me?
            For example, I could make a deposit account for you, and soon after the value
            falling into account you send me the schematic, the components I need
            buy, so I can ride smoothly.
            Would it be possible?
            If so, I need a rejuvenating radiant charger for two batteries 6V / 315A series, forming
            12V / 315A.

            I’m waiting,

            Gustavo Roque.

          • Hello Gustavo, my Disqus comments are not being emailed to me. The books/videos are digital downloads so you can simply download them from the download page after purchase. We can also ship charger/rejuvenators from http://teslachargers.com to you in Brazil. Those are big batteries so I would recommend the 25A12 http://teslachargers.com/products/battery-chargers-rejuvenators/25-amp-12-volt-lead-acid-battery-charger-rejuvenator-120-or-240-volts/

  • Mathias Hamlet

    So I saw that Renaissance Charge have strikingly similar chargers, are you partners or something? http://www.r-charge.net/RC-2A12-12VDC-100-240VAC-Battery-ChargerRejuvenator_p_88.html, same name and the look is pretty much the same but 100 dollars difference on the 2A12

  • Andrey

    I from Russia.
    Do you have representatives in Russia?
    Whether these representatives in Russia can sell your product?

    • shijimi


      We do not have any representatives in Russia. All sales are through our website http://teslachargers.com/products and the chargers are shipped from USA.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Hello, I want a battery cycler and I cant find it anywhere in this page. I want to use it for rejuvenating batteries automatically. I saw one in one of Bedini’s videos. It was named renaissance charge battery load box and these are john bedini videos in energenx and energenxchargers youtube channels. I want to contact you guys because i want to buy mane chargers and many of these boxes but I want some assistance first. Thank you.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    I have another question, do these chargers cycle the batteries automatically?

    • admin

      Hi Francisco, no, you have to cycle them manually. I’d recommend a CBA-IV for cycling them manually. That is available from http://www.westmountainradio.com/cba.php if you are going to be doing a lot of rejuvenation. Otherwise, you can just use the right resistors across the battery terminals to give you the desired amp hour discharge.

    • No, you have to manually do that. You can do the drawdown with this system, which is excellent: http://www.westmountainradio.com/product_info.php?products_id=cba4 or you can just put a power resistor that is calculated properly across the terminals.

      • Barry Dean

        Aaron, what is the expected (required) input and output from the LARGE

      • Barry Dean

        what is the expected (required) input and output from the LARGE