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2.5A12-EX Rejuvenated Battery Sat in Subfreezing temps for months – started right up!

The Tesla Chargers 2.5A12-EX battery is still being planned for release soon.

Here is a short video I took of my 1977 Datsun 620 pickup that sat for months in subfreezing temperatures.

The battery was already around 7+ years old and was dead before the 2.5A12-EX rejuvenated it.

That rejuvenated battery sat in these temps all this time and started this truck right up with full cranking ability. That would be hard for even some new batteries in these conditions but it was not a problem for the old rejuvenated battery.

Learn more:

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Car Battery Killed at 2 Volts Comes Back Like New with 2A12-EX

This battery was killed by being drained to 2 volts. In 2 days, with nothing but water and electricity, it was brought back like new – AND, this battery was ALREADY 6.5 years old!

The miracle charger/rejuvenator that did this is the 2.5A12-EX available here:

Bedini RPX Sideband Generator


This Bedini RPX Sideband Generator is the circuit, which was presented by John Bedini at the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

Bedini RPX Sideband Generator


Bedini RPX
3.1 MHz Sideband Generator

The Bedini RPX Sideband Generator has a 3.1 MHz RF Fundamental Frequency that will produce the Harmonic Sidebands when a function generator is connected to the AUDIO IN and is set with the correct sweep function.

To learn more, visit: Bedini RPX Sideband Generator

Your Pending Tesla Chargers Order(s)

Greetings everyone,

This is Aaron Murakami with Tesla Chargers.

If you are receiving this email, it is because you have placed one or more orders with us for a battery charger/rejuvenator and/or solar charge controller.

Thank you so much for purchasing a Tesla Charger – your wait will be more than worth it! Rest assured that your order is definitely in queue and the chargers are shipped in the same sequence that the orders were received.

Every item is hand built to order and tested at John Bedini’s company in Hayden, Idaho. Hand built to order means that we almost never have any inventory and each item is built from scratch when the orders are received by us.

Because more than one particular item is usually ordered by multiple customers, multiple units are usually built together to save time. Sometimes orders are shipped in a couple days after being received and some of the larger units can take weeks, which is strictly because of parts availability.

Many of you with pending orders have ordered with us before and understand that sometimes it can take a while and we appreciate your patience.

If you are a new customer and recently learned about us, please understand that these are not mass produced nor is this technology like anything else available. Please bear with us as we are doing everything we can to keep up with the increase in demand for our products.

Quite literally, we are the only company in the world that offers this technology that actually charges batteries properly. We have always made it a priority to actually educate our customers on the science behind our chargers – so in the meantime, allow me to point to multiple sources of information that can answer a lot of your questions ahead of time.

1. Read our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) –

2. Watch these 3 video: – the first 2 covers a lot about battery charging and rejuvenation processes in general. The third video shows how to match batteries to the Solar Charge Controllers (if applicable to you).

3. Get your FREE copy of Solar Secrets here: if you aren’t doing anything with solar, get a copy! Read the Appendix – Lead Acid Battery Basics staring on page 36 – This will give you insights into lead acid battery chemistry that virtually no battery charger company understands. It is important to understand the graph on page 39 that shows what voltage the battery really needs to get pushed to in order to fully desulfate it with the drop in battery voltage after it peaks – that is the “topping event” that other chargers will never give to your batteries. Obviously, this is not important if you’re non technical and just want to hook up a charger and rejuvenate or charge your batteries with the best technology possible, but the concepts are actually fairly simple and straight forward.

If you take the time to do the above 3 mentioned items, you will be way ahead of the curve in regards to your knowledge on battery chemistry and how to properly charge a lead acid battery.

If you want to get deeply technical, then please purchase Peter Lindemann’s definitive lectures on Battery Secrets & Battery Rejuvenation here:

We will be shipping your item as soon as it is ready and will send you a notice. In the meantime, please do take the time to check out the above references and thank you for supporting Tesla Chargers.

Aaron Murakami
Tesla Chargers

* NEW BEDINI CHARGER * 2.5A12-EX Extreme Charger


This new charger is the biggest little charger in the world. Tesla Charger’s flagship charger has been the 2A12 for years and it previously held that title.

This new charger is…

  • 2.5 amps instead of 2.0
  • Capacitor discharges twice as fast
  • Charges and rejuvenates batteries much faster
  • More efficient and robust using new proprietary circuits
  • Simpler to use with 1 single LED indicator light
  • Priced similar to the older model!!!

We have a * HUGE * DISCOUNT for this new 2.5A12-EX EXTREME model right now, but first, watch this video!

Get yours now: 2.5A12-EX

Free Download – Tesla Chargers Book

Here is a new book that is a compilation of the instruction manuals for all the Tesla Chargers and Solar Charge Controllers. There is also some information about the basics of battery charging and rejuvenation.

It is a 71 page PDF: Tesla Chargers Manual


NEW WEBSITE – Soon, we’ll be upgrading the entire Tesla Chargers website to a template style like what is on the conference website here:

S3A12 LIFEPO4 – We are no longer going to offer the LiFePO4 version of the S3A12 solar charge controller, which goes up to 14.8 volts, as a regular part of our catalog.
However, if there is enough request for them, we can do small production runs if necessary.

15-20% DISCOUNT – Virtually all of our chargers/rejuvenators & solar charge controllers have been discounted 15-20% for a while. We are looking at ending this discount before the upcoming conference and may offer the discount only at the conference – then all chargers will be back to the regular prices.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL – We are in the process of creating a new free book, which is basically an Instruction Manual for all of our chargers and solar charge controllers. This is not an easy task, but we will send out a link when it is done so you can download it for reference whether you own a charger or not.

ENERGY CONFERENCE – John Bedini is the inventor of the Tesla Chargers product line and he will be presenting at the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference. This is a great opportunity to come meet the inventor of this product line and there are a few seats left. You can register by visiting

A & P
Tesla Chargers

New Metal Wires almost Invisible to Light on Solar Panels

The metal contacts on solar cells are intrinsically flawed because they actually reflect light away from the panel instead of putting it to use. If there was a way to prevent this reflection, it could take solar cell technology to another level.

Go here to find out how this could boost solar panel output by 10% –

15-20% off Chargers/Rejuvenators & Solar Charge Controllers



All Solar Charge Controllers are now the EX (Extreme) version, which utilizes John Bedini’s new proprietary SCR switching method and have been measured up to 99.8% efficient. They deliver more to the battery from the solar panels than any other solar charge controller in the world. On the solar charge controller product pages, it may not list these units as EX models, but they are all EX models this is what has been shipping for the last few weeks.

1AU Universal Battery Charger
2A12 2 Amp 12 Volt Charger/Rejuvenator
10A12 10 Amp 12 Volt Charger/Rejuvenator
25 Amp 12 Volt Charger/Rejuvenator

S40A12/24-EX (Extreme Model)
S80A12/24-EX (Extreme Model)
S160A12/24-EX (Extreme Model)


S10A12-EX & S20A12-EX (Extreme Model)


Extreme Solar Charge Controllers – New Video

The 10 & 20 amp 12 volt Tesla Solar Tracker 5’s have been upgraded to the new EX version, which stands for EXTREME.

They’re 99.5%+ EFFICIENT and are more bulletproof than ever.

When the battery is pushed to the top, it will unlatch the SCRs (turn off a type of switch) for 6 seconds and the battery will settle down a bit and then turn back on.

These are also available at a 20% DISCOUNT, which will be expiring soon. The links are below the video so make sure to get your hands on the world’s best 10 & 20 amp solar charge controller for 12 volt batteries!