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Solar Secrets – Debunking Myths of the Solar Industry

Solar Secrets by Peter Lindemann exposes some solar industry secrets and disinformation that even most solar professionals are unaware of.

Solar Secrets by Peter Lindemann
Solar Secrets by Peter Lindemann

For example, it is commonly accepted that crystalline solar panels are more efficient than amorphous thin film low light panels.

This is true if you are under laboratory conditions where you have 100% constant bright light where the crystalline panels will produce more watts of electricity per square foot than the amorphous thin film panels.

However, this is actually a deception under real life situations. Why?

Did you know that crystalline panels actually do not convert visible light to electricity? They use the invisible infrared spectrum and is why they are perfect for use on satellites or other places where they are in full view of the sun without interference.

However, when there is cloud coverage, much of the infrared radiation is blocked. There is still plenty of visible light in the blue and green spectrum, but the crystalline panels can’t really use this light and is why their output drops substantially under cloudy conditions.

The amorphous thin film low light panels actually operate on the blue and green visible light spectrum. This is why they output not just under clear skies but under cloudy conditions at up to 80% or more of their clear sky output!

So it is true that it takes a larger square footage of amorphous thin film low light panel to make the same wattage as a crystalline panel. But if you look at conditions such as here in the Northwest United States where there are a lot of cloudy days, the amorphous panels will give you more electricity over a whole year compared to the crystalline panels. Therefore, the amorphous panels are actually more efficient than the crystalline panels under these conditions and this is what you have never been told.

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